12 Color Press

Texas Offset Printing takes pride in our 12-color web press. This press is a new generation of press that serves a wide range of applications demanding high speed, precise dot-to-dot registration, quick make-ready, low waste, up to 12 colors, and UV dryers. Capable of crossing the boundaries between high-speed forms printing and high-quality, commercial color work, our 12-color press offers:
•Variable sizes including 17″, 22″, and 28″ cutoffs, with a 21″-wide web
• Print combinations of 12-colors such as 6-over-6, 8-over-4, 11-over-1
• Inter-station UV curing on all units, with double lamps between 6 and 7, also after 12
• Speeds up to 1200 FPM
• A running registration system featuring a camera to view the print during a run
• Computer controlled ink settings